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Frequently asked questions

Actually, I don't yet know if these are really frequently asked. But there are some questions I think I would have if I were you considering working with me. If there's anything you would like to know that isn't covered here (yet), please contact Icon: Different page me.

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What are your rates? Icon: info this page
Where exactly are you located? Icon: info this page
Do you have work permission for the EU? Icon: info this page
What software technologies are you familiar with? Icon: info this page
What authoring tools do you use? Icon: info this page


What are your rates?

Rates can vary according to several factors: on-site or telecommuting work, new software or adding to existing products, multiple publication formats, etc. I need to know what your project involves to give you a firm rate quote.

I base my rates on the salary surveys of the Society for Technical Communications.Icon: Off site My physical location in Eastern Europe helps me to lower costs and provide quality service at competitive rates.


Where exactly are you located?

I know that looks a bit complicated from a distance, so let me clarify for you.

My business is incorporated as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the state of Nevada, USA. The address of the company is Thirdline International Technical Communications, Ltd. 4414 Hidden Meadow, Carson City, Nevada 89701 USA.

My European base is located in St. Petersburg, Russia. That's why the phone number on the contact page Icon: Different page has a Russian country code. I use an eFax Icon: Off site account I've had for ages, which is why the fax number has a US country code. The Russian post isn't yet reliable enough for international business, so I use a private postal service that routes mail to Russia via Finland. That's why the European mailing address is Finland.

Fortunately, everything gets much simpler from here!


Do you have work permission for the EU?

I don't work with clients in the European Union or elsewhere as an employee. I am employed by Thirdline International Technical Communications, Ltd. which is a US corporation.

In most countries a business is free to purchase goods and services on a "business-to-business" basis from any corporation anywhere. If you sell products in an English-speaking market or provide training or other documents for an English-speaking corporate audience, you should not be prohibited from contracting with a foreign company that provides native English communications services. Thirdline International, Ltd. contracts with your company to provide specified services at an agreed rate, and invoices your company for the cost of those services according to the terms of the contract. As an employee of Thirdline International, I perform services on behalf of that company either remotely or on site, as may be agreed by the parties to the contract.


What software technologies are you familiar with?

Unlike many technical writers whose background is mainly philological (English, writing, etc.), my background includes technology. I have a 2-year degree on computer programming in addition to my 4-year university degree.

Over the years I have been exposed to quite a few software technologies including:

  • Borland Delphi, C++ Builder, and JBuilder
  • Databases, both relational and non-relational, and SQL:
    • Paradox, InterBase, Informix, SQL Server, Revelation
    • Client-Server systems

More recently, I have had a lot of exposure to:

  • UML and modeling
  • Java and J2EE
  • Web Services
  • Together Control Center
  • IntelliJ IDEA

I'm also familiar with Web technologies such as:

  • CSS
  • W3C standards-based Web development
  • Accessibility issues (W3C and Section 508)

In short, I have a solid foundation in the principles of a broad spectrum of software systems, programming languages, and technologies. With this foundation, I am generally able to adapt quickly to new or unfamiliar software and systems.


What authoring tools do you use?

  • RoboHelp + Dreamweaver for on-line Help
  • Adobe FrameMaker for manuals
  • WebWorks Publisher in conjunction with FrameMaker (sometimes)
  • Qarbon ViewletBuilder (for animated demos and training presentations)
  • MS Word for marketing support documents
  • Adobe PhotoShop for graphics

I also have experience using:

  • StarTeam (version control)
  • CVS (version control)
  • Visual SourceSafe(version control)
  • Bradsoft TopStyle (CSS development)
  • Macromedia HomeSite (HTML editing)
  • Adobe Acrobat (for creating PDF documents)
  • Borland Delphi (application programming for Windows)
  • Together ControlCenter (UML modeling)
  • IntelliJ IDEA (Java source code editing)