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Software demo samples

This page contains links to various work samples that you can either view on line and/or download for later reference.

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NEW! IntelliJ® IDEA™ 3.0 Refactoring Demos

The folks at JetBrains, Inc.Icon: External site had a unique communications problem. They had built refactoring capability into their IDE product for Java™... something every Java developer needs. Trying to explain the features resulted in reams of tedious text... they knew that was no good. Yet they knew from experience at trade shows that every Java jockey who saw refactoring work understood its value immediately and said "Wow!" The solution? Capture that demo experience and put it on the Web in the form of demo/tutorials for the most commonly-needed refactorings.

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Together® ControlCenter™ 6.5 New Projects Training Demo

There were significant changes to concepts and techniques for creating and maintaining projects in the planned version 6.5 release. This 10-minute presentation with audio was created for the ControlCenter 6.5 Beta program to explain and show the changes to the global mentoring team, tech support, and current customers.

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Together® ControlCenter™ 6.0 Media Kit CD Autorun Demo

The situation that led to the creation of this demo was one of those you can run into in a fast-paced environment where R&D and Marketing are on two different continents. Unbeknownst to us in R&D, the CD-ROM provided to media reviewers merely launched an HTML file with some doc on product and license installation, and an unlinked listing of the documentation files provided. Reviewers had to figure out which installation archive they needed and where it was on the CD, figure out where to install a license file in an unfamiliar installaion, and manually locate the doc folders. Needless to say, we got bashed for this in print!

This was a trivial programming problem, but we didn't have development resources planned for it. In a couple of weekends, using PhotoShop, Delphi, and ViewletBuilder, I programmed the auto-run application and created this demo to explain it to the marketing team.

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Thirdline "Show Them What You've Got!" Web clip

This is just for strategic places on this site to promote Thirdline's Demo services.

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