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Software documentation

This page contains links to various work software documentation and online help samples that you can either view on line and/or download for later reference.


FrameMaker Manual Chapter:
Together® ControlCenter™ 6.0 User Guide, Ch. 15—

I was the original author of this chapter. Minor additions and the final section were added by another technical writer for a subsequent maintenance release.

Icon: PDF file Download PDF File (326K)


RoboHelp Project:
Together® ControlCenter™ 6.5 Getting Started Guide

This online Help project was finished just about the time of the Borland acquisition of TogetherSoft. Borland decided not to release TCC 6.5, but this project nonetheless reflects my work. I created the RoboHelp skin that duplicated the look & feel of the product UI.

The project contains Viewlet demos as well as text tutorials and information, so the sample is fairly large... about 5 Mb zipped. Please download the Zip file below, extract, and load index.html in your Web browser.

Icon: Zip file Download Zipped WebHelp System (5.3 Mb)



Context-sensitive online Help Project Integrated into a Delphi application

The Delphi application was a little sideline project I did for some friends who were trying to come up with some of doing e-mail links on their Web site without attracting spammer bots, but who didn't know anything about JavaScript. One thing led to another and eventually I developed a Help file (using RoboHelp) and integrated it into the Delphi application (and now have a sample of my ability to do that!)

Icon: Zip file Download zipped Windows application (355 Kb)