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This page contains links to all available work samples. If you want a particular kind of sample, use the links above to jump tp pages providing both descriptions and access links.

The Read about it... links below link to the same set of pages. Choose whichever way you prefer to navigate.

End-user Guide & Help

Marketing Support

UI Design

Delphi UI Programming

Live-action Demos

HTML & CSS Design


Delphi Help Integration


Some of the documents/projects/content (materials) offered for download on this page, together with the respective copyrights and intellectual property rights are owned by TogetherSoft Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Borland Software Corporation. Materials are used here by permission only as a representative sample of the work of Robert Palomo, principal member of Thirdline International Technical Communications, Ltd. (a Limited Liability Company), while employed by TogetherSoft Corporation and/or Borland Software Corporation. Use of these materials after download is limited to evaluation of of Mr. Palomo's skills for purposes of considering a business relationship.

  • Together, TogetherSoft, and Together ControlCenter are trademarks or registered trademarks of TogetherSoft Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Borland Software Corporation.
  • UML is a trademark of Object Management Group, Inc.
  • This page contains samples of technical communications work done by principals of Thirdline International Technical Communications Ltd. Included are samples of technical writing, documentation, on-line help system, software demos, training and tutorial presentations, manuals (including user guide), marketing support (marcom), user interface (ui) design, and more.