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User interface design samples

This page contains links to various work samples that you can either view on line and/or download for later reference.


Together® ControlCenter™ 6.5 New Project/Project Properties configuration dialog

UI screenshot Here is an example of a design specification technique I pioneered that proved effective in communicating the basics of a UI design to the Russian-speaking engineering team. Rather than creating long specification documents describing the UI, I did quick visual mock-ups of the main concepts in a paint program and then stitched these together in a PowerPoint presentation. Engineers could quickly grasp the essential visual concepts visually and run with the implementation from there.

Note that although the document is marked "confidential", the release for which it was written was abandoned after Borland's acquisition of TogetherSoft. It is, however, representative of the work I did in the UI design/usability area.

Icon: Zipped PPT Download Zipped PPT file (281 Kb)


Together ® ControlCenter™ 6.0 CD Autorun Program

UI screenshotThe situation that led to the creation of this program was one of those you can run into in a fast-paced environment where R&D and Marketing are on two different continents. Unbeknownst to us in R&D, the CD-ROM provided to media reviewers merely launched a crude HTML file with some doc on product and license installation, and an unlinked listing of the documentation files provided on the CD.

Reviewers had to figure out which installation archive they needed and where it was on the CD, where to install a license file in an unfamiliar installaion, and manually locate the doc folders. Needless to say, the organization got bashed for this in print!

A CD autorun application that would guide reviewers to the CD content, launch the correct installer, and auto-install the license file was a trivial programming problem, but we didn't have development resources available for it. I spent some weekend time with Delphi and Photoshop and created this application and it's UI. I also created an animated demo to explain the app to Marketing.

Icon: Zipped Viewlet Download Zipped Viewlet file (715 Kb)
Icon: Online Viewlet View demo online now


Bot-O-Flage Anti-SPAM JavaScript Generator Utility

UI screenshotThe Delphi application was a little sideline project I did for some friends who were trying to come up with some way of doing e-mail links on their website without attracting spammer bots to them, but who didn't know anything about JavaScript. I just took a couple of simple JavaScripts I already knew about, combined their behaviours into a single script, and wrote a little Wizard in Delphi to help someone with minimal Web skills to deploy the script on their site.

One thing led to another and eventually I did a slicker UI for the program and wrote a Help file and integrated it into the Delphi application (and now have a better sample of my ability to do that!)

Icon: Zip file Download zipped Windows application (355 Kb)