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Delphi programming

Thirdline can assist companies developing Delphi applications in the following ways:

User interface design and implementation

UI for CD autorun Many experienced programmers would rather not mess with the "trivialities" of user inteface. Some even regard UI as a necessary evil that distracts them from "real programming" activities.

It's true that implementing UI is not a huge challenge for many skilled programmers. In fact, it may actually not be the best use of an engineer's time.

Thirdline has a strong background in Delphi programming dating back to working on Delphi 1.0 at Borland. But in addition to that Thirdline has...

  • Strong communications skills (and a UI is really about communication)
  • Experience in UI design and usability/accessibility issues
  • Graphical design skills

Plus... we actually like UI programming! So if your engineers' time would be better devoted to developing architecture and functionality, consider a helping hand from Thirdline for the UI.

Online Help integration

UI for Bot-O-Flage Here's something few technical writers can do: develop the Help system and implement it in the app. So your Delphi engineers end up having to integrate Help topics from the map files supplied by the tech writers... not the best use of a highly skilled engineer's time!

Thirdline can both develop a context-sensitive online Help system for your Delphi applications and integrate it into forms and components.

The UI shown at left is a small sample app with an integrated Help system. You can find more information about the app on the Documentation Samples page, or download it right now.