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Software Demos

That thing at right is a small sample of the live-action demos that Thirdline can do for you. We think it's worth 1000 words of pitch about the benefits this technology delivers to your company.
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Standard touches

At Thirdline we believe certain details matter... like branding. So our demos not only show your software at work, but include your logo and/or splash graphics. We can also include e-mail and Web hyperlinks to any address in your company or site.
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  • Audio: Your demos can optionally include audio narration. That can be especially effective for training presentations, especially over corporate intranets (though it works well on the Web too). Production cost will run about 10-15% more than a 100% text-based presentation, but that can be a small price to pay for the returns in some situations.
  • Language: Although Thirdline International specializes in English language deliverables, we can produce your demos in any European or Scandinavian language. You'll need to provide us the text and audio in the language(s) you want.
  • Interactivity: Your viewers can actually participate in your demos. We can create special "text zones" and "click zones" in demos that take them to the next step or test their knowledge. Great for tutorials!

How we can work together

Demos are reasonably easy to produce remotely. An on-site visit is rarely needed. We use telephone and e-mail to work out a skeleton script. You provide us your software, and we go into production. Read more about the process...

Questions and Answers

  1. Will our demos run on any computer?
    They'll run in any Web browser that supports Macromedia Flash (SWF) format.
  2. Can you shoot demos of software running on UNIX or Mac?
    At present, we only have a Windows computer and the Windows version of our tool. However, we can build demos from a set of images captured from any platform.
  3. How long does it take to produce a demo?
    The definitive answer is It depends. The first demo of several will take some time to do the branding design. Assuming you provide the images, that will account for only a few hours. Once we have it, all others in your series go quicker. It usually takes longest to produce your script, and install and configure your software. Once we have those, the actual production of each demo is usually a day or less.
  4. Can you only do demos of software applications?
    Actually, our technique can work well with hardware, especially hand-held devices. That takes some photography and/or graphic arts support which we don't do, but can arrange to get done for you.

    Don't forget Website features! For example, we can demo your online account creation or order placement process so users can see what's involved before they have to do it. (And can provide some help during the process too!)
  5. What's involved in getting demos produced?
    There are several phases: look & feel design, script production, software installation and setup, shooting, and post production. Read more...

What now?

  • If you've got this far down the page, perhaps it time to get in touch and start talking about your needs?
  • If you would like to look at some sample demos (besides the one above) please stop at the Samples page.