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Design is integral to all technical communications projects and can involve any or all of these areas:

When we talk about design, we are generally talking in terms of its being part of a communications project, rather than a project in and of itself. If you have a working design and just need it implemented, that's fine. But we have the background and experience to work with you on this phase of your project. This page has some information about the kinds of design tasks Thirdline can handle.

Page Layout & Styles

Thirdline can create easy-to-read page designs for print (PDF) or on-line. We are well versed in W3C-compliant cascading style sheets (CSS). Chances are one of the stylesheets we have on hand can be quickly modified to meet your needs. This site uses W3C-compliant stylesheets for all page layout and text styles.

Information structure

By this, we mean design of the physical and logical structure of a document or documentation set.

User Interface

Why would a technical communications firm get involved with UI? Simple...communication with the software user begins at the user interface! The choice of words and phrases in menus and labels etc. can leave users puzzled ana guessing or give them enough information to make an educated guess and move ahead.

In the course of a communications assignment... documenting a new feature, for example... we may suggest UI design improvements that make documentation simpler and the software easier to understand.

For Delphi applications, we can help you with both the design and the implementation of your user interface. For more information, visit the Delphi Programming page.

Graphics and Visual Elements

Thirdline is not a graphics design firm. Graphics is a highly specialized field and the skills of a specialist may be needed for your project. If so, we will recommend you go that route, and we can probably help you find someone. However, we may be able to handle many graphics needs to your satisfaction.

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