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Documentation and Help

The documentation deliverables Thirdline can produce include:


User Manuals

We can author content and/or deliver user manuals in these file formats:

  • Adobe FrameMaker
  • Microsoft Word
  • HTML

We can produce PDF from any of these source formats.


On-line Help

For smaller applications, Help may be all you need. Thirdline can deliver Help in any of these industry-standard formats:

  • Windows HTML (.chm)
  • JavaHelp (for apps written in Java™)
  • Webhelp (HTML content with DHTML or Applet navigation)
  • Oracle Help

For most Help systems we can:

  • Create map files enabling context-sensitive integration with an application.
  • Build different versions from a single source for different product variants ('Lite' and 'Pro' versions, for example).
  • Build different versions from a single source that run on different platforms (.chm for Windows, Webhelp for Mac OS, for example).



  • Traditional: Thirdline can produce "traditional" printable tutorials in Adobe PDF. In some cases, these may be a suitable way to go. However, don't overlook the potential of "e-learning" tutorials that are accessible via the Web or your intranet.
  • Web-ready HTML: We can produce tutorials similar to the Practical UML Web tutorial in our samples area. We use standards-based Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for page formatting, so the presentations also print well.
  • Visual-interactive: We highly recommend visual tutorials similar to our Live-action Demos.These are often just as effective (if not more so), and they're often less expensive to produce. They can be made interactive enabling people to click widgets and enter text just as they would "live".

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