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Read what a few folks I have worked with recently have to say... they put it best!


"You have such a remarkable ability at developing end - user guides that make products accessible and keep tech-support costs low— a very valuable combination."

Peter Coad
Author, lecturer, modeling & design guru
Co-founder and former CEO, TogetherSoft Corporation*
Producer of The Coad Letter
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"Robert was instrumental to the success of TogetherSoft's products. For the 3.x releases he completely redesigned the user interface and was responsible for the written documentation. Results were both excellent: A clear, consistent and easy to use GUI as well as comprehensive and extensive user documentation. "Hat's off" to Robert's patience and professional competence. He listens and exchanges ideas as well as offers alternatives to improve on the initial concepts. A true professional."

Dietrich Charisius
Co-founder & former CTO, TogetherSoft Corporation*
Original architect of Together® ControlCenter™
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"In the fast-changing workd of software development, my working relationship with Robert amounts almost to forever. We've collaborated both remotely across the Atlantic, and face to face in Europe and the US. I was always impressed with his broad scope. Documentation? Sure, but tip of the iceberg. His passion for usability and talent with UI design helped our R&D team implement usable features which in turn made the product easier to use... and of course to document."

Jonathan Kern
Former VP of New Product Development, TogetherSoft Corporation*

* (TogetherSoft is now part of Borland Software CorporationIcon: off site